About Us

Welcome to the Easy Crypto Guide for Australia and New Zealand.  Prior to starting on your investment journey, we wanted to make sure you had a handy quick reference guide in case you wanted to dive in and understand Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency before purchase.

The crypto market in Australia and New Zealand has grown considerably in recent years culminating in a vibrant and supportive community.  This community is made up of blockchain technology groups, digital currency exchanges and a strong grassroot support across both nations.

We set out to write a guide that would be easily digestible for the beginner with scope to go deeper into detail when further knowledge is sought.  This 25 thousand-plus word guide has universal application regarding the fundamental history and technology, but discusses local issues.

We have set up an easy to navigate menu and encourage readers to jump to any part of the guide that they deem suitable for their intentions.  This guide is not intended to be read front to back, but to be used as more of a handbook.