Awareness of Scams

The Cryptocurrency world is a new and exciting sector, still gaining its feet both technologically, as well as administratively.

Due to this new and experienced users alike must exercise high caution when interacting with any crypto related product or person. Cryptography has created the most secure systems in the history of humankind, but people are still fallible. The biggest cause of scams or hacks in the community is due to poor vetting or understanding by a user. They may inadvertently give up a passcode or access to a malicious user. They may invest in a ‘scheme’ without the requisite research or knowledge and lose their investment. Users must remain vigilant and choose their mentor wisely. Always consider investing relatively small amounts until you understand how the system works.

Read wisely and always err on the side of caution. Although Cryptocurrencies decentralised nature allows it unparalleled growth and entrepreneurial opportunities, it is also this that allows bad actors to focus their scams towards unsuspecting users in a fairly anonymous manner.