The case for growth

Cryptocurrency has come a long way since its inception in 2008. The early pioneers really paved the way for the technology to be as widely known as it is today.

Initial adoption was slow, but once it had gained traction, the utility case was immediately obvious. Looking at the history of Bitcoin we can see that it has gone through multiple peaks and troughs. It has had its share of crisis and headlining highs that have captured the public’s imagination. During the late 2017 bull run we saw Bitcoin interest, searches and investment hit all time highs.

The peak market cap of Bitcoin (not including other crypto) was 320 Billion USD. That is a mind boggling amount of money; but let’s compare it to the stock market world wide. The global stock market in late 2017 had a total market cap of approximately 70 Trillion USD. So if we do the math, Bitcoin’s value was not even 0.005% of the global stock market cap.

This is often looked at when thinking about Bitcoin’s potential, considering as it has matured, it has been traded in a similar way to stocks and forex.