Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name of the author who developed Bitcoin and wrote its white paper.  No one knows for sure if it is one person or a group of people. He/she or they designed and implemented Bitcoins original reference implementation.  Satoshi was the first to create what is today called a Blockchain or Blockchain Database. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to solve double spending on a peer to peer network.  He was an active developer for Bitcoin until December 2010 according to research.

Nakamoto is extremely private and all his personal information was kept secret except a few things which I will talk about soon.  It is worthy to note that Nakamoto also commentated or put forward his ideas on banking and also fractional-reserve banking. Information he did expose over time was that he ‘claimed’ to be a 37 year old male from Japan but experts would argue his English was that of a high level and his documents never once were written in Japanese.

There was the occasional time he wrote in coding comments words like ‘bloody hard’ which pointed to someone of a more western or commonwealth background due to the type of slang used.

Speculation also mounted when sleuths found out that his first line of code on the first block which only he could have mined had the following written in it: The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.  It is common knowledge that ‘The Times’ is a newspaper in London.

An intrigued member of the Bitcoin community actively trying to solve the mystery of who Satoshi Nakamoto is was a Swiss Coder by the name of Stefan Thomas.  Stefan looked at the time of each of Satoshi’s 500+ forum posts and came to the conclusion that his sleeping pattern was very peculiar if he really was in Japan as the times his posts almost fell silent was between 2:00pm and 8:00pm Japanese time.

All this and more led to Satoshi Nakamoto’s intriguing allure and the allure of Bitcoin helping to fuel speculation, excitement and discussion.  To this day that speculation, excitement and discussion still lives on as he, she or they have still not revealed themselves.

Satoshi Steps Back

Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from all channels in 2010. Reasons and thoughts about why Satoshi disappeared and removed himself from the Bitcoin project are not just questions the average person asks.  Many of the top Bitcoin programmers and contributors have several conflicting stories and ideas about the reason Satoshi stepped away from Bitcoin.  The core developer who assumed the reins of Bitcoin (Gavin Andresen) discussed his thoughts on the forums. He was quoted as saying “ I haven’t had email from Satoshi in a couple of months actually.  The last email I sent him I actually told him I was going to talk at the CIA. So it’s possible, that….that may have um.. Had something to do with his deciding.”

There were other weird messages Satoshi made for example a post about the fact Wikileaks started accepting Bitcoin.  “It would have been nice to get this attention in any other context. Wikileaks has kicked the hornet’s nest and the swarm is headed towards us.”

Some sleuths believe that Satoshi was aware he was sitting on riches should Bitcoin gain momentum and it’s possible due to this fact he implemented the divisibility of Bitcoin by somewhere in the range of 10 decimals places or more.  This also put pressure on him to leave the project to stay anonymous.

Some believe due to the possible shake up of the currency and financial world that could be possible with Bitcoin that he may have feared for his life in some way, shape or form and stepped back accordingly.

Some believe he simply burnt out and the Bitcoin project got the better of him as the coding became more technical or the project became too big.  He first removed himself from the forum then slowly but surely stopped replying to close colleagues before vanishing forever. It is now 9 years on from his disappearance; if Satoshi were still around, surely there would be a sign… or would there?

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