What can you buy with Bitcoin?

What you can now buy with Bitcoin would blow your mind.  Depending where you are in the world there is almost everything you could imagine for sale.  From coffee to multi-million dollar homes and everything in between. One of the attractions is to appeal to a wider audience and avoid charge backs for goods and services.

You can pay for gift cards, flights and hotels, apps from stores such as Microsoft which currently accept Bitcoin as payment.  Basically anything you can think of that fiat can buy, we can find it somewhere on Earth using Bitcoin. Don’t believe me? Check out a site like www.spendbitcoins.com. It is just an example of what’s out there.

Virgin Galactic which if you don’t know is a commercial space travel company owned by eccentric billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson accepts bitcoin. Check out this article.

According to https://coinmap.org there are 14,000+ worldwide places to spend your Bitcoin and its growing exponentially. The latest in payment technology is through the Bitcoin Lightning Network.